• Unlimited configurable window title regexes for matching
  • Read scene list from Streamlabs OBS on connection
  • Change scene name when it gets renamed in Streamlabs OBS
  • Select scene when it gets switched from within Streamlabs OBS
  • Automatic reconnect to Streamlabs OBS on its restart
  • When configuring the regexes, it checks and displays if they are syntactically correct.
  • Store configured window title regexes in a local configuration file
  • Configurable 'stop scenes': If the switcher arrives to the scene, it stops further switching until you manually change the scene
  • Scene collections in Streamlabs OBS are not supported yet, can be made available when demand arises
Please note: this software is windows-only, as Streamlabs OBS itself is windows-only. MacOS/Linux support is planned.


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